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Snail mucus skin care

The ultimate revitalization booster composed exclusively of natural ingredients.  

HYDRANOV® – extracted from red algae – has hygroscopic properties allowing the capture of water molecules at the skin surface. In combination with the 7 valuable biological active substances of the snail mucin and the complex of natural oils it activates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and stimulates the production of ceramides. Regenerates and invigorates the firmness of your skin, makes it more elastic, healthy and extremely well nourished. Unique formula for a luxury rejuvenating skin therapy!

For your everyday skin care routine

Based on 100% natural substances this product provides gentle deep cleaning and prepares your skin optimally for further rejuvenating treatment with the products of our AVANTURE DELUXE snail mucus series. The PCA acts as an anti-aging agent by hydrating and soothing the skin and maintaining its water balance. The delicate texture is extremely pleasant to use and makes your skin feel fresh and soft.

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snail mucus skin care based on 100% natural substances
snail mucus skin care Avanture Deluxe Micellar Water