Avanture deluxe 3 box and bottle cream

Beyond borders


The aim to combine the flair of our paradise island with advanced cosmetic science started as a thrilling adventure and turned into a Mauritian-European love affair. Together we share the passion for nature, quality and innovation. 


Imagine a kiss of the morning dew – that is how perfect skin care should feel like. The gentle touch of pure nature, blended in healing, nurturing and rejuvenating formulas – this is the vision of Blue Mauritius Avanture. Highly considering the specific demands of all skin types, sexes and ages, our products are free of chemical additives and allergens. 


The liaison beyond borders gives us the unique opportunity to benefit from the know-how of leading European cosmetologists and be always accessible for our clients, no matter where they are. 


Blue Mauritius Avanture obeys the strict regulations of the European Cosmetic Directive. All products are registered and certified in Brussels. 

Like-minded and enthusiastic, above all our managing team is a merry international family:

About Blue Mauritius Avanture - Creative Director Yvette Michelfelder

Yvette Michelfelder

Creative Director

Maverick and connecting link between Europe and Mauritius

About Blue Mauritius Avanture - Head Office in France Dr. Vesselina Tossan

Dr. Vesselina Tossan

Head Office – Distribution France

Company’s academic mind and global marketing guru

About Blue Mauritius Avanture - Director Local Office Doriane Bhugaloo

Doriane Bhugaloo

Director Local Office and Customers Relations

Our Mauritian soul

About Blue Mauritius Avanture - CFO Axel Tuchenchagen

Axel Tuchenhagen


BMA’s numbers whisperer